One could learn a new language best if practiced and immersed in the culture where the language is spoken, especially where it originated. Originated in Castile, a region in Spain, the Spanish language is presently spoken by roughly 500 million speakers worldwide. Being the second most studied language with a large number of speakers, more and more opportunities are opened to those who know how to use the language to communicate. And one of the best, if not the best place to learn Spanish is where it originated and generally spoken, Spain.Below are some of the top places in Spain to learn Spanish.

Barcelona – A city full of welcoming people and vibrant culture set in a modern city, Barcelona. Being one of the most prominent cities in Spain, the city attracts students with its outstanding Spanish language schools and avant-garde hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and nightlife among others.

Madrid – Spain’s major financial district, Madrid offers ultramodern buildings and infrastructures along with well-preserved, century old architectures that reflects the country’s rich history. Though that many of the schools and universities in the city are held on renovated buildings but, they generally present state-of-the-art facilities with exceptional Spanish language training service to boast.

Salamanca – Known as the most important university city in Spain, Salamanca is the residence of one of the world oldest university, Salamanca University. After many centuries, the city continues to attract flocks of students with their promise of quality education by providing new facilities and excellent teachers.

Sevilla – Well-preserved historical structures, culture and ambience, Sevilla’s large portion is a living evidence of Spain’s past civilization. The city is a rather dreamy location for learning the Spanish language.

Tenerife – The island of eternal spring, Tenerife is the biggest and most inhabited island among the seven stunning Canary Islands. Rich with charming sceneries and temperate climate, the island can turn your Spanish language learning experience with a picture-perfect vacation set in a paradise.

Valencia – Spain’s third largest city, Valencia house modern amenities a big city has to offer combined with the allure of the Mediterranean coast. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of tourists are captivated to visit the city every year for leisure and to study the Spanish language.

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