Visit Peru and discover its hidden unparalleled exquisiteness. It has been a destination for most tourists visiting Latin American countries. The country is becoming known in the world for its captivating beauty, heritage and magical cities. Peru is moving towards modernization but is striving to maintain its rich culture and beliefs. On the other hand, educational system in Peru is one of the best. Teachers are given proper respect and those with advanced studies are getting better job opportunities. Learning Spanish in Peru is a good choice knowing its features, quality of life, history and landscapes.

Here are some schools in Peru offering Spanish courses:

San Blas Spanish School
Address: Cusco, Peru
Telephone: +51 0 84 247898

San Blas Spanish School is located in the artistic center of Inca’s Capital, Cusco. It is about 7 minutes away from the main square. San Blas Spanish School is offering various classes, either for groups or for individuals. They are consistently updating their teaching materials to improve the student’s Spanish skills quickly. Intensive programs are not just school-based, different outdoor activities are organized for them to get involved and immersed with the locals.

Address: Cusco, Peru
Telephone: 979 900 057

Caminante has different schools and services all over Peru. The school is providing beneficial and long lasting experience that can change lives. Their 20-hour Spanish classes every week is a combination of voluntary work, immersions and complete teaching lessons.

El Sol
Address: Lima, Peru
Telephone: 51-1 242-7763

Elsol is located in the heart of the country, Peru. The school is the only teaching school in Lima that has been accredited by Peruvian Ministry of Education. Spanish courses and programs are all taught by professional locals who graduated from universities in Peru. The school’s program is a good combination of common European Framework of References and Language together with their own fast-track methodology which makes the program effective for all students.

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