Learning Spanish in Oaxaca is a great opportunity to learn the language while enjoying a vacation in a culinary and culturally rich environment. Regarded as the culinary capital of Mexico, Oaxaca is famed for its distinctive ingredients and flavors. In fact, the city offers a broad assortment of chocolate, chapulines (fried grasshoppers), tamales and tejate (a corn flour and cacao drink) among others. Oaxaca also presents affordable markets and appetizing fivestar restaurants serving some of the tastiest food in the world.

One of the few cities declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Oaxaca is the capital of a state in Mexico bearing the same name. This city is one of the most diverse and well preserved colonial cities in Mexico, filled with various ethnic groups, cultural traditions, folklore, festivals, handicrafts, traditional cuisines, architectures, churches, pre-Columbian ruins and museums. Enjoying the colonial charms of a city in an inexpensive price, Oaxaca is definitely a great location for language immersion and discovering the pre-Hispanic past of the area. Here are some of Oaxaca Spanish Language Schools.

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca (ICO)
Address: Avenida Juarez #909 (corner Calz. Niños Héroes de Chapultepec) Centro, Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Website: www.icomexico.com
Telephone: 52 (951) 515-3404| 52 (951) 515-1323| 52 (951) 515-3728 (fax)
E-mail: info@icomexico.com

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca Spanish language caters to different types of Spanish levels and needs. The school offers a wide selection of courses which includes one-on-one tuition to group classes and cultural workshop. The school is dedicated on helping the students to learn the Spanish language in the most effective manner.

Solexico Oaxaca
Address: Oaxaca, Mexico
Website: www.solexico.com
Telephone: +52 (473) 731 3056 | USA/Canada Toll Free :1(877) 266-8988
Email: guanajuato@solexico.com

Solexico Spanish Language School and Cultural Centers is located in the Historical Center in Oaxaca. The school building is two blocks away from the famous Santo Domingo ex-convent. It is also just walking distance from Zocalo with is the city’s downtown square. The students have easy access to many commercial districts and popular attractions. The school building itself is a distinctive colonial structure with a huge main patio. This traditional building has thick colonial walls which preserve the classrooms’ good temperature all throughout the year.

The school provides students the chance to learn Spanish language in a short period of time with an outstanding experience of Spanish immersion. The school takes pride in their qualified and professional Mexican teaching staff who help maximize the students’ learning.

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