Honduras is proud of its ancestry, crystal clear water, unspoiled jungles and breathtaking sceneries. This country has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism industry which gives jobs and opportunities to the locals. This place attracts tourists and expats either for work, study or vacation. Also, students who want to learn Spanish are heading to Honduras, as compared to other neighboring countries, the city-area is not overcrowded and the cost of living is still low.

The country is keeping pace with the modernization while holding to its culture and customs. Its hospitable locals never fail to fascinate tourists, and usually the reason for them to keep on coming back. Also, education is prioritized in this country though schools may not be as extravagant as the others, teachers are professionals and experienced in handling both Honduran and foreign students.

Here are some schools offering Spanish courses:

Address: Copan, Honduras
Telephone: +00 504 2651 4360
Email: info_guacamaya@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.guacamaya.com

Guacamaya Spanish School is located one block north of Central Square. The school is maintained and owned by experienced teachers providing quality Spanish classes to their students. Guacamaya gives their students the opportunity to stay with the locals to continuously practice what they’ve learned in school. Also, the school offers great escapades for the students to appreciate the country – its beauty, culture and history.

Central America Spanish School
Address: La Cieba, Honduras
Telephone: +504 2443 6453
Email: info@ca-spanish.com
Website: https://www.ca-spanish.com/

Central American Spanish School (CASS) has four schools located in different cities in Honduras – La Ceiba, Utila, Roatan and Copan Ruinas. Their teachers or they called “maestros” are graduates from Honduran Universities. The school program focuses on grammar, conversation, reading and real Spanish life. Classes are usually in the morning for 20 hours a week while giving the students time to explore the country in the afternoon. Accommodations are either in the hotels or homestays with the local families.

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