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Are you having a dilemma about what language to learn? Do you want to have the romance of the Spanish language? Do you want to learn Chinese just because more and more people are using it? Or do you just want to have lips always ready to kiss while speaking French? We suggest that you learn the language that you need most.

If you dream of speaking Greek but your employer suggests that you learn basic German, then save Greek for later. If you are studying the Japanese culture, then study Japanese. Russian can wait. Below are descriptions of some popular world languages.


More people in the world speak Chinese than any other language. Unlike most languages, it has a unique ideographic writing system, providing visual comprehensibility. The language’s grammatical structure is logical, but also pragmatic, as it is related to the unique way of Chinese thinking. The language has become more and more popular as China and its people today have been playing important roles worldwide.


English is the main language of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, and several other countries. It is widely used as an official language and second language in many countries. English is in fact the most understood and widely taught language in the world. It is the leading language in international communications, business, science, entertainment, aviation, and diplomacy. English has been an official language of the United Nations.


Spanish is the most spoken language in the world, next to Chinese and English. At the end of the 1800s, about 60 million people spoke this language. Today, nearly 500 million people speak Spanish worldwide. Many people find Spanish as one of the easiest languages to learn. Written Spanish is somewhat phonetic.


Learning French will give you access to one of the world’s most widely spoken language. Thanks to the influence of the French culture as well as France’s colonization, the language has spread from France to Canada and some African and Asian countries. English has been an official language of the United Nations.


German is the language of one of Europe’s economic giant and of the genius in literature and music, philosophers, and scientists. It is widely spoken in Austria and most of Switzerland. Considering Germany’s dark past and bright present, German has been the language of the culture which has extraordinary significance today.


Russian is spoken by millions of people in Eastern Europe and by those interested in business opportunities in the East and in international affairs. It is also spoken largely by people interested in mathematics and science where Russia still dominates and by people who want to explore the fascinating Russian heritage.


Portuguese is spoken by millions of people from Portugal to Brazil, from Mozambique to Macao. The language is studied by scholars who study Europe’s empire-building and its effects in South America, Asia, and Africa. There are also more than 1.3 million native speakers of Portuguese residing in the United States.


The supply of Japanese speakers is not as great as the demand. This means that if you learn how to write and speak Japanese there will be lots of opportunities knocking on your door. This is why more and more people today want to learn the language. Japanese may sound gibberish, but it has a sensibility and logic of its own.


Arabic is one of the most fascinating languages in the world. Its culture, history, and antiquity make it an interesting language to study. It has extended to many parts of the world and it is now spoken by around 206 million people. Arabic has deeply influenced other world languages. For example, about 8% of all Spanish words have an Arabic root.


It is the Romance language that is closest to Latin. Thus learning will help you understand English, which has a huge percentage of words derived from Latin. Learning Italian is beneficial in numerous career fields, including science.

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