Traditionally called the off-season, the winter season brings out a city’s true character. And it is a great time to learn a foreign language. Few tourists visit a destination in winter, which means more room for you to appreciate its history and pageantry, shopping with excellent bargains, and better seats in the theater – all while learning a new language. For example, if you want to learn German, English, or Russian during this season, one of the best destinations for you is Vienna, London, or Moscow.


Learn a foreign language in the city where it is used. Discover the city (Tokyo if you want to learn Japanese, Rome if you want to learn Italian, or Paris if you want to learn French) during the exciting winter season. For one, in addition to attending language classes, there are a variety of events and things to do during this season.

With all the activities organized by your language school you could immerse in a foreign culture, participate in exciting events, visit lovely places, experience traditional markets, taste local and international delicacies. All this while you’re having fun learning the language and meeting people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


If you’re into skiing, choose a language school that will allow you to ski after class. Imagine yourself skiing in the mountains, surrounded by untouched beautiful nature. This is enough reason to time your language holiday during the winter season.

You may also want to time your language holiday in December, around Christmas time, where cities are decorated with Christmas lights and many other stuff. Shops, both the luxury and the artisanal ones, feature windows full of gifts. Not to mention colorful Christmas markets. Some language schools even offer Christmas special language courses. In Italy, for example, language schools in Rome and Milan have developed such program for students who would like to experience the traditional Italian Christmas.

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