Summer Holiday

Learning a foreign language during the summer can give you an experience of a lifetime, especially if you learn it in a perfect summer holiday destination. For example, if you want to learn Spanish during this season, Barcelona is the place to be. It offers not only great beaches with guaranteed sun, but also wonderful architecture and a wide range of parties, concerts, festivals, and art exhibitions. Spend your summer language holiday in a beautiful destination to see how colors and flavors burst while learning foreign language.


If you dream of belonging to an international community, sharing feelings, exchanging ideas, learning and partying with students from all over the world, then a summer language holiday is your best bet. Language schools that offer summer courses will take you on fun excursions and do great educational and leisure activities.

Many schools worldwide provide special summer language courses. Their aim is to combine comprehensive foreign language learning with an excellent summer experience in an international atmosphere.

The usual program format is group lessons in the morning and followed by a variety of cultural and social activities in the afternoons. In the morning, language schools provide extensive language instruction at every level and for different ages based on innovative learning curricula. This allows you to build up your knowledge as well as your confidence in multicultural environment.

After class, there are many exhilarating activities on offer. These include excursions to the place’s most interesting attractions and many local visits. Such activities will help you understand the language and culture more. Helpful and friendly staff members run these fully supervised activity programs and guarantee supervision.

Language schools can provide personalized and themed programs for learners who arrive together in a pre-constituted group, like schools and colleges, associations and clubs, corporate incentives, etc. They organize the entire language program to satisfy all your exact requirements, such as the duration of the language course, objectives of the program, number of students, composition of participants, language skill level, special themes, and many more.

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