Family Language Courses


There is no better way to learn a foreign language than to learn it in a language holiday with your family. Travel to the country where your target language is spoken – enjoy the sights, do some exhilarating activities, and explore cultures, while learning a language.

In some cases, however, because of type of family language program or language level, it may be that kids take classes at separate times than adults. Different courses may also allow you and your kids to take classes only in the morning or in the afternoon.

You can take a group language course in conjunction with a family language program at many language schools that accept children. But adults can’t take these courses with their kids if the youngsters don’t meet the school’s age requirements.

You can also take private instruction in combination with a family program at some schools that accept minors. Such course is a good choice if you want to share it with your kids and they’re not too old to take adult group classes. You can combine private language instruction with a group course if time allows in your schedule. Some language schools arrange junior courses for learners between 15 and 18 or 14 and 17 years old. You can take classes at the same school that utilizes the adult language course options.

Language programs for youngsters may take place at a different location than the adult courses. In this case you’ll have to make arrangement for transportation from your accommodation to each school for you and your kids. You’ll need to contact your language school so that they may inform you about the logistics involved with your family language program.


When you are travelling with a child too young to attend classes, make sure that the family language school you choose can offer childcare services. Notify the school if you need to have childcare in conjunction with the family language program.

The type of accommodation is one of the major factors to consider when planning a language holiday abroad with your family. Many language schools out there offer accommodations such as residential accommodation, host family, private studio apartments, shared student apartments, sharing an apartment with a local person, and private apartments and hotels. The choice of accommodation will largely depend on your budget.

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