Courses for Groups

Language courses for groups give you the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, make friends, and form a common bond in the language you choose to learn. Learning alongside with international learners with your same language skill level, group courses often taught in the traditional, but comfortable, classroom setting. Many language schools offer small class size for these courses (normally not more than 15 learners) so you can be confident you’ll receive careful attention from your teachers.


Learn the language in the country where it is used and find a school that offer language courses for groups. Usually, group language classes are carried out in three levels: beginner course (for learners who have no prior knowledge of their target language), intermediate course (for learners who can get by in the foreign language on a daily basis but have limited vocabulary), and advanced course ((for learners who have good knowledge of the foreign language with a broad vocabulary). This wide range of course levels means that you can join the level that best suits your language learning needs.

The type of accommodation is crucial when planning a language holiday abroad and enrolling at group program. Many language schools out there offer accommodations such as residential accommodation, host family, private studio apartments, shared student apartments, sharing an apartment with a local person, and private apartments and hotels.

The choice of accommodation will largely depend on your budget as well as your need to mingle with locals or international students. We suggest you take a shared student apartment. In this type of accommodation, you share a self-catering apartment with some international students also from your school. Also, sharing an apartment with a local gives you an advantage since you speak with your local mate, thus you get to use the language you’re learning more.

Many language learners abroad prefer to stay with a host family. Host families are carefully chosen by accommodation officers at language schools. If you have a very strong preference about the type of family (for example, you prefer a huge family as it makes you feel at home) that you wish to stay with, your language school will try to arrange this. This type of accommodation gives you the opportunity to immerse in the language you’re learning, since the host family will usually speak with you using that language.

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