Learning a New Language


There are many reasons why you should learn a foreign language. One benefit is that it improves your analyzing skills. Like studying history, mathematics, and philosophy, acquiring a new language helps you develop skills needed to be an effective participant in the local, national, and international discussions.

Studying a new language also increases higher order thinking skills such as dealing with abstract concepts, problem solving, and making inferences. This contributes an important additional breadth to the concept of communication. Another benefit is that gaining knowledge about other culture and language enables you to have a more profound understanding of your own culture.

Learning a foreign language in the context of popular culture, history, and politics can help you understand international events with deeper insight. This opens up perspectives, making you a responsible and informed citizen. Acquiring new language also helps you develop a more positive attitude toward people who have different cultural background as it introduces you to a whole new realm of customs, ideas, values, and habits.

Foreign language skills plus business skills make you a more valuable employee in the marketplace. Speaking other languages and cultures provide you with very important job-related skills and knowledge that can give you a competitive advantage. Decision makers and leaders need to access information, understand it, and interpret it critically. Cultural and linguistic knowledge is needed to meeting these challenges.

Studying foreign language improves your communication skills. Many students find their foreign language classes very valuable because of the innovative ways of teaching that involve using technology and making connections with people in other countries. It also boosts your creative juice. You will find special pleasure with greater access to foreign music, films, and the arts. Speaking a foreign language also makes your international travel more pleasant and easier. Going abroad increases your opportunity to experience culture and language firsthand.

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