Luxury Schools

Deciding on which language school to go to for your language learning abroad is a very huge decision. If you’re willing to spend a fortune and want to learn at a first-class language school, then go. Have fun as you please. You should consider several factors to make sure that you select the one that most fits your needs. These include location, duration, school reputation, and accommodation. Well, budget is a non-issue for language learners who have sky-is-the-limit budget.


First, choose the country where you want to learn the foreign language. If you want to learn French, you may want to go to France. If you’re interested in learning Italian, consider traveling to Italy. Then narrow your choices down to a certain city or region (Paris and Rome). What is important here is to choose a language school located in an environment that meets your needs and interests.

If you’re a metro person, then choose a luxury school located in the heart of the city. If you’re after relaxation and serenity, choose one in the countryside. You have the money so finding the right school may not be difficult.

Language program duration

The fees you’re charged depend on the duration of your language. This important decision is up to you. If your budget permits, consider enrolling in a longer course, say 10 weeks. This will allow you to learn more about the foreign language.


Some language schools offer some kind of accommodation: residential accommodation, host family, campus, apartments, hostels, and hotels. If you’re happy meeting young people, then consider living in an apartment or a hostel. If you prefer a more silent environment, a hotel room is your best bet.

But you can always choose to enroll only for the language courses without accommodation. If you want to enjoy top-class services and amenities, consider booking at a luxury hotel. Megacities such as New York, Barcelona, Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo, and Beijing don’t lack such high-end accommodation.

School reputation

luxury-school-reputationFinding out about a language school’s reputation is very important. See our list of the best language schools in the world and compare them. If you hear or read some bad reports about the language school, do your research and find out why it has this reputation before you decide on it.

Don’t choose a language school just because you read somewhere that many students had their time of their lives there. If you’re not concerned about your budget, check out schools that offer top-class amenities and services.

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