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The question on every language learner’s lips is how to go about his or her language holiday with a limited budget. But learning a foreign language in a foreign land should not drain your wallet. Unless you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you will have to limit your spending. What should your spending limit be? What will you need to pay for? Take heart, we’re here to help you to have a fun language holiday even if you’re in a shoestring budget.


But we would like to stress that we can’t provide you with an exact fund to work to since there are too many factors to consider. What we can do, however, is to give you information about the costs you’ll incur.

Travel expenses

A huge chunk of your language holiday budget will be spent on travel expenses (for example, getting to your destination). We suggest that you time your travel. It may not be a good idea to travel during the peak tourist season as air fares can get insanely high. Choose an accommodation near to the school to reduce your travel expenses.


There are several options available in terms of selecting your accommodation where you’ll stay in for the duration of the course. These types of accommodation can vary in price significantly. So which one to choose? If you’re in a tight budget, consider low-cost hostels and apartments. Not only are they inexpensive, they also let you mingle with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Living and fun expenses

How much to spend on these expenses varies also. Your expenses will be significantly reduced if you’re staying in an apartment where meals are provided. But there are times when you go out, taste other local flavors, experience culture, and do adventure activities with new friends. This is fine, but don’t splurge. You can’t afford it given your limited budget.

Language course fees

Another huge chunk of your budget will be spent on the school to pay for your language course fees. Some schools charge much more for courses than another, perhaps because of their very good reputation. We suggest that you check our list of language schools and compare them. Go for one that has lower course fees but has a good reputation.

Course materials

Many language schools abroad will require you to buy their course materials, which can cost you much. Some may offer course materials at a discount, while others may loan you these materials so that. Consider language schools that provide free course materials, such as books and other language resources.

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