Accommodation with the school

The type of accommodation is one of the major factors to consider when planning a language holiday abroad. Many language schools offer some kind of accommodation: residential accommodation, host family, private studio apartments, shared student apartments, sharing an apartment with a local person, and private apartments and hotels.


Student residences

This type of accommodation is for those students who do not prefer staying with a host family or sharing an apartment with a person. Depending on their location, student residences basically vary in their facilities. Meals are available in some residences; students in other residences eat out. Some have private bathrooms and kitchenettes, while others have private swimming pools.


Host family

Many language learners abroad prefer to stay with a host family. Host families are carefully chosen by accommodation officers at language schools. If you have a very strong preference about the type of family (for example, you prefer a huge family as it makes you feel at home) that you wish to stay with, your language school will try to arrange this. This type of accommodation gives you the opportunity to immerse in the language you’re learning, since the host family will usually speak with you using that language.

Private studio apartments

This type of accommodation refers to self-contained small apartments that have private kitchen or kitchenette and private bathroom. Studio apartments that many language schools provide are comfortably furnished. It is ideal for you if you prefer a private self-catering accommodation.

Shared student apartment

In this type of accommodation, you share a self-catering apartment with some international students also from your school. Student apartments are not deluxe, but they have fully-equipped bathrooms and kitchens, providing reasonably priced and basic student accommodation.

Sharing an apartment with a local

In this type of accommodation, you live in an apartment you call your own, doing stuff for yourself. But you share it with a local person, instead of other international students from your school. This accommodation option gives you an advantage since you speak with your local mate, thus you get to use the language you’re learning more.


Luxury accommodation

Some language schools will arrange your accommodation in private apartments and hotels upon your request. If you need a high-class accommodation, you can choose from the following accommodations offered by some language schools: executive host families, superior apartments, or executive suites.

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