Japanese is spoken by more than 127 million people in Japan and also by Japanese communities all over the world. Japanese is considered agglutinative and is made unique by a complex system of honorifics that mirror the society’s hierarchical nature – particular vocabulary and verb forms indicate the relative status of the listener and the speaker. This language has a lexically unique pitch-accent system and the sound inventory is relatively small. Japanese has been recorded since the 8th century, when major works of the Old Japanese were collected.

japanese-coursesJapanese is written using a combination of different types of glyphs: the Chinese characters (kanji), and the two syllabic scripts of katakana and hiragana. The Latin alphabet (romaji) is also normally used in the modern Japanese language, especially for things like advertising, company names, as well as when inputting the language into a computer. In general, Western style Arabic numerals are also used for numbers, but traditional Japanese/Chinese numberings are also common.

All in all, the Japanese vocabulary has been largely influenced by borrowings from many other languages. A huge number of words were derived from Chinese, or formed using Chinese models, over a 1,500-year period. Since the late 1800s, Japanese has loaned a significant number of words from English and other Western languages.

If you want to learn Japanese or broaden your skills in this language, then we suggest that you bite the bullet and head to Japan. Experience this beautiful land of volcanic mountains, magnificent coastlines, lovely cherry blossoms, and eccentric people – while learning the Japanese language.

If you want to get ahead in the world of technology or marketing, Japanese is the language to learn. After all, Japan is the world’s second largest market. The country may be the only place to speak and write Japanese, but as the market thrives, learning Japanese will be beneficial to every foreign language learner and also to people with a knack for business.


Japanese has become a popular language to learn. This explains the numerous Japanese language schools in every city (especially Tokyo) that await your arrival. Regardless of which school you decide to go to, all of them provide excellent courses as well as a very welcoming atmosphere. All teachers are natives of Japan and know the language by heart as they have been teaching Japanese for many years. Language courses run at various levels, so there is sure to be a course for you.

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