Italian is a member of the Romance group under the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European language family. It is Italy’s and San Marino’s official language, and is one of Switzerland’s official languages. It is spoken by roughly 58 million people in Italy, 840,000 in Switzerland, and 24,000 in San Marino. Another 1 million in people in other European countries speak Italian. It is spoken by about 5 million people in North and South America.


Considering Italy’s historical and cultural importance, Italian has become a major world language today. The country’s influence spans from antiquity to the modern times, of which the Roman and the Renaissance periods are perhaps its most significant moments. Since Roman times, the country has exported its culture and literature to other parts of Europe and the world in the areas of Romanitas, Latin literature, opera, humanism, science, film, fashion, political thought, cuisine, architecture, and design.

Italian is historically Latin’s daughter language. Northern Italian dialects are composed of Venetian and the Gallo-Italian (including Ligurian, Piedmontese, Emilian, and Lombard). The major dialects in the southern part of Italy are Tuscan and various others from Sicily to Umbria. Spoken on the island of Sardinia, Sardinian is adequately different from other dialects. Many consider it as a Romance language.

Similar to the dialects spoken in northern Italy, the Rhaeto-Romance forms are widely spoken in the region bordering Italy and Switzerland. No one exactly knows when Italian could be differentiated from its parent tongue. There is no Italian text recorded before the 10th century.

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