Learning Greek is a good opportunity to be in vanguard with other major languages in the world – the professionals in the New Europe who speak more than one language have higher market values than  those who speak only their native language. Learning Greek is a practical endeavor because it is a useful language. It is spoken by millions of people of Greek origin in many parts of the world, most especially the United States and Australia. Greek is a sister language of Spanish considering the similarities in phonetics and structures.


If you wish to learn Greek, there are many language schools in the country out there that offer a wide range of quality Greek courses. Greek courses in Greece run throughout the year and learners come from a wide variety of nationalities. In general, language teachers in the country are fully qualified native Greek speakers. All of them have a university degree and many teachers have specialist training in the teaching of Greek to foreign learners.

Greek language schools are located in Athens and Crete. Athens is a cosmopolitan city where you’ll see a great mix of different people and cultures. The ancient city was a strong city-state, a center of learning, arts, and philosophy. The city’s metropolitan area is the center of the Greek economy, political, cultural, financial, and industrial life. Athens is also becoming one of Europe’s major business centers.

Hania, Crete attracts visitors with its lovely and welcoming people, delicious cuisine, and archaeological sites. It also boasts of gorgeous panoramas combined by its charming villages, magnificent churches, and wonderful caves that embellish the city’s lovely prefecture.  Language schools in this city are ideal for those who wish to combine a Greek language course with a holiday atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. Some of the schools organize excursions to festivals and to many of the city’s most beautiful beaches.

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