Swiss German may not be locally used in almost all parts of the country but there are several schools offering German courses with almost the same vocabulary and grammar in Germany. Learning German in Switzerland will give you full details and genuine German courses while taking advantage of the beauty and culture of Switzerland. So, you are actually hitting two birds with one stone.

In German areas in Switzerland, newspapers, TV and radio newscasts are in German language. This will give you access to easily speak and travel all around Switzerland without any hassles.

Here are some schools in Switzerland that are offering German classes:

Alpha Sprachstudio
Address: Zurich, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 43 268 87 87
Email: alpha@alphasprachstudio.ch
Website: https://www.alphasprachstudio.ch/

Alpha Sprachstudio is located in the heart of Zurich. The school teaches German from kids to adults. Alpha Sprachstudio boasts its competent teaching staff which is comprised of 50 teachers. They are experienced in handling international students and are graduates from universities around Switzerland. Methodology varies from each learning course to accommodate the changing requirements of each student.

Address: Zurich Switzerland
Telephone: +41 44 250 20 00
Email: info@bellingua.ch
Website: https://www.bellingua.ch

Bellingua is located in the right main train station at Zollstrasse 20, Zurich City. This school is one of the leading schools in Zurich that focuses on German as a second language. Group classes are usually about 6-9 students so teachers can give close attention to each one in the class. Before the class starts, the teachers are giving assessment to determine the progress after the end of the entire sessions. The school promises to teach authentic German and if you are not satisfied with the service, they offer money-back guarantee. Thus, contracts are flexible so it can be cancelled anytime you want. Courses vary depending on your German language level, from beginners to intermediate.

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