The German language is a member of the West Germanic group under the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European language family. It is Germany’s and Austria’s official language and is also one of Switzerland’s official languages.


Altogether roughly 100 million people in the world speak German as their first language. There are 77 million German speakers in Germany, 8 million in Austria, and 4.5 million in Switzerland. There are 2 million German speakers in Canada and the United States and another 2 million in Latin America.

In addition, there are several additional millions of people who speak German throughout Europe, including Belarus, the Baltic republics, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, the Balkan states, and Ukraine. German is also important as a commercial and cultural second language for several millions of people in Eastern, Northern, and Central Europe and in South and North America.

German shares its code of communication with a number of countries. Whether you visit the wonderful Austria, to the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Belgium, or even certain parts of Luxemburg, eastern France or northern Italy, you can put into effect the knowledge obtained during your language stay. Therefore, learning German will open up a wide range of new culture to you.

Immerse yourself in the German culture and language on a course at one of language schools in Germany. The country offers German language courses in a variety of locations, including Augsburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Lindau, Munich, Munster, Radolfzell, and Regensburg. You can also learn German at a language school in Austria.

With something special for all seasons, any time is a good time to learn German at one of these schools. If you want, you can always choose to study the language in Munich in October, and take part in the world famous Oktoberfest – 17 days of Bavarian beer, parties, and pretzels. If you are into arts and culture, choose a school in Berlin, a city that boasts cafes and art galleries that rival London or New York.

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