Guadeloupe or Butterfly Island is located in the southeast of Puerto Rico with lush vegetation and pristine beaches. This country has so much to offer for travelers, which is why despite its small size, tourists are coming in to experience its lovely sceneries and its Caribbean panorama. Unlike the European lifestyle, Guadeloupe’s way of life is slow-paced and unpredictable.

Guadeloupe has so much to offer to all its travelers and you can only take the most advantage of its unique appeal once you speak their language. There are several schools and volunteer groups in its city-area that offer French classes for tourists and students.

Below are some schools and volunteer groups offering French classes:

The Language Travel Company
Address: Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe
Telephone: 703 835 9762

Learn French in Saint-Anne school, it is 150 meters away from its lovely beaches while shops and cafes are just around the area. The school offers different programs for their students, either for group or private sessions. All levels of students are accepted from beginners to advanced. Accommodations are either homestay or private studio apartments.

Centre Caribeen de Langues
Address: Sainte Anne, Guadeloupe
Telephone: 0059 (0) 590 68 13 63

Centre Caribeen de Langues is located in Sainte-Anne, French west of Indies. The school promises to give great French classes in a paradise setting, it’s like taking classes while on a holiday-vacation. The school ensures that courses are tailored on each student’s need. Teachers are commendable and professionals, and are experienced in handling international students. They have four various packages that will suit your schedule and budget. These packages are small groups, one on one, family courses and customized course. Also, Centre Caribeen de Langues is giving options for students to enjoy during afternoons and weekends. They can take advantage of the lovely beaches and interesting hiking sites all around Saint-Anne.

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