France boasts its world-class architecture, Renaissance chateaux, familiar traditions and romantic people. Traveling in France is always a dream come true for tourists regardless of age and ethnicity. This country also takes pride in its gastronomic dishes prepared by their master-chefs. However, experience will be more authentic if you learn French in France.

French locals would love to help tourists to speak their native tongue and you’ll be able to meet interesting people and reach destinations with some conversational French know-how. It is always a good decision to learn the native language of the country you’re visiting for good opportunities and fortunate events await you.

Below are some schools in France offering great French lessons:

Learn French in France
Address: Sabres, France

Learn French in France is a quality school providing in-depth lessons to get the best out of their students. The school makes sure that each student is given close attention so a class is contained with only limited numbers of students. And every year, there are numbers of sporting and leisure activities intended for their students to balance out the rigid school programs. French immersions are also encouraged during holidays to create a fun-filled experience for all students.

Address: Vichy, France
Telephone: +33 4 70 30 83 83

Cavilam is located in the heart of France – from Paris it is about 3 hours and 2-hour travel time from Lyon. The school is well known for its excellent standards in teaching French as a foreign language. It has received an award from the French government and never fails to give comprehensive French courses to all its international students. Apart from the school-based syllabus, Cavilam is offering leisure programs that will give pleasure and fun to its students – usually city tours, sports activities and travel packages.

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