English is the main language of the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. It is also one of the official languages of numerous other countries, such as India and even the Philippines.

English is the first language of around 300-400 million people. It is the most understood and widely taught language in the world. It is estimated that about 1.9 billion people in the world have an elementary proficiency in this language.

Learning the English language is very important in today’s world. For one, it is the dominant international language used in science, communications, aviation, business, diplomacy, and entertainment. It is also the dominant language in the Internet world.

English is an offshoot of the Indo-European language family. This broad family of languages includes most of the languages spoken in Europe today. Major branches include Greek, the Germanic languages (German, Swedish, English, etc.), Latin and the modern Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, etc.), and the Slavic languages (Russian, Czech, Polish, etc.). The family also0 includes the Indo-Iranian languages (Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit etc.), the Celtic languages (Gaelic, Welsh, Irish, etc.), and the Baltic languages (Lithuanian and Latvian).

If you’d like to travel to the United Kingdom to learn English while experiencing its rich culture, you can check out English language schools in London, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, and Brighton. If you are a fan of watersports such as surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and jetskiing, then Australia is your best bet to study the language. There are many prestigious language schools in Sydney. You may also consider visiting the delightful Island of Malta, located south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. There are English language schools in Sliema and St. Julians.

Canada means whale watching, Niagara Falls, wilderness, wine tours, skiing, golfing, and the outdoors – while learning the English language. Check out language schools in Vancouver and Toronto. South Africa is also a lovely and culturally diverse country to study in. The famous language school in Cape Town boasts splendid views of Table Mountain and is a walk from Long Street in the city center and about 10-minute bus ride away to the beach. It is always a good idea to learn English in the United States. Check out language schools in Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco.

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