Chinese is spoken over one billion people and is the world’s number one spoken language. China has many co-existing languages and dialects, but the most popular form is Mandarin Chinese, the country’s official language. Mandarin is also known as Guanhua (“official speech”) or Beifanghua (“Northern Dialect”). It is a category of Chinese dialects used across most of southwestern and northern China. When we take the mandarin dialects as a separate language, it still has more speakers than any other language.


With the country becoming a significant player in the global economic markets, it is about time to learn to write and speak Chinese. The best way to study this language is to travel to the country and cram yourself with the colorful Chinese culture while acquiring the language. About one out of five people in the world speak this language, so why don’t you hop on the trend and learn it in China.

China is so massive that you need time and patience to explore its culture. Well, it would take you forever to discover this exceptionally captivating place. Why not learn Chinese while becoming captivated by the enchanting culture and surrounding yourself with the good-natured people? Ask any Chinese language learner or traveler that has been in the country, and they will admire the Chinese people for their good-natured, courteous manners.

Schools that teach Chinese dot all major cities in the country. They sport excellent facilities, usually including native teachers, bilingual instructors, or individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.


You can choose to learn Chinese at a language school in Beijing. But if you are looking for the very modern China, you might want to consider Shanghai, an extremely modern city but still full of history and sophistication. Alternatively, you can learn Chinese overlooking beautiful beaches, at a language school in Qingdao, the leading coastal resort in the country.

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