Arabic is one of the most fascinating languages in the world. Its culture, history, and antiquity, make it a very interesting language to study. Arabic is among the six major world languages with roughly 190 million native speakers. Used throughout the Muslim world, Arabic is the language of Qur’an, Islam’s holy book.

arabic-coursesArabic has numerous dialects and sublanguages but Classical Arabic (the language used in the Qur’an) has been modified as Modern Standard Arabic. It is now widely used in in the mosques, in books, newspapers, television and radio, and in exchange between Arabs from different parts of the world.

In fact, the Modern Standard Arabic language has been the liturgical and the literary language of Islam since the 7th century. Nowadays, there is a repeated call to learn this language due to the universal revolution of technological progress, communication, tourism, and economic cooperation.

The importance of the Arabic language has largely increased in the professional and social spheres. It now interests millions of non-Arabic people and numerous universities all over the world offer Arabic courses. Learning Arabic could be somewhat difficult as it takes much practice and time. However, it is considerably less complicated compared to other world languages such as Latin and German.

If you want or need to learn to read and speak Arabic with fluency, then we suggest you learn the language in the Egyptian capital. Where the ancient and the traditional blend with the modern and the hip, it’s Cairo. The largest city in Africa and the education hub for the Arab world, not to mention its being the center of government offices, Cairo is a wonderful place to learn Arabic culture and language.

One of the many advantages of enrolling in an Arabic course at a language school in the city is that Aameya and Fousha (the two most common Arabic versions) exist side by side in the country. Arabic schools in the Egyptian capital offer courses in both versions.

Study Arabic

CCLT Morocco offers Arabic courses in Rabat, Morocco. They teach both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA) or “Darija”.

Ahlan World offers Arabic courses in Egypt, Jordan and Morocco. They have Arabic schools in the cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor (Egypt), Rabat (Morocco) and Amman (Jordan).

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