Language Courses Guide

If you are interested to learn English in London, Spanish in Barcelona, French in Paris, study an Italian course in Rome or a German course in Berlin, or want to learn Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, or Chinese, we have language courses, schools, and locations which will definitely suit your interests and needs.


Learning a foreign language in the country where it is widely spoken enhances your language acquisitions. Living in a foreign culture will make your learning more effectively and easier, not to mention more fun, giving you the greatest experience of your life. If you want to be fluent in English or French or Spanish, we are here to guide you find out which language course, school, and location best suits you.

We try to list some of the top language schools in the world. On this site, we will provide you with information about these schools and their language programs for everyone interested in learning foreign languages abroad. The schools in the list all promote excellent courses and their wide range of classes will give you the opportunity to compare all language schools in one website.


Mylanguagecourses is committed to providing useful information and promoting the language schools and courses that may help you learn the most effective and fun way. We only promote those that ensure high quality courses and those that pay attention on students. We feature language schools located in Europe, United States, Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Japan, China, and Egypt. Whatever your reasons for learning a foreign language, you will give you expert advice, to help you select the right course and right location for you.

You may want to have a long-term Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, or Russian course, or just a 2-week course. Maybe you are planning to combine a course with a volunteer work or a holiday. Or, you may need a language course that will prepare you for a certain examination. We are happy to help you get that course.

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