There is no better way to learn a second language than in a country that speaks it. When traveling around this glamorous country, you will feel the true art of history with a tinge of modernization. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world but it has the best infrastructures, grand casinos, hotels and breathtaking sceneries. Rich people love to stay in Monaco because of its grand appeal, a one-stop-country.

To add richness to your experience, it is best to learn their language. Schools around the city of Monaco offer French courses with great facilities. If you want to understand the country in a deeper view, learn French in Monaco and explore the entire country without hassles.

Here are some excellent schools in Monaco offering French classes:

Address: Monte Carlo, Monaco
Telephone: +33 493 78 21 59

CMEF is located in the South section of France between Nice and Monaco, in Monte Carlo. This is an international school that offers French classes for teenagers, teachers, high school students and tourists all year round. Programs vary from learning French language, art and culture and school trips for immersion and fun. The school is using the State Education System which are taught by their fun and professional teachers.

The Regency School of Languages
Address: Prince Pierre, Monaco
Telephone: +377 92 05 21 21

The Regency School of Languages is located in South Eastern, France. The school offers superb French courses for foreigners of all ages. They offer wide range of courses for all levels of students from beginners to intermediate. The school’s teaching method varies from each student needs. Their teachers are selected, all are professionals and reliable. School premises have different classrooms both for young students and children. And they ensure that each class has a minimum of 6 students for easy handling and close monitoring.

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